About Katharine

About Katharine

Katharine Grace Wagar

“Let your divine shine… someone else may need a boost.
Be … simply magical “

Let me introduce myself…
I am a mother, a sister, a daughter, a soul sister and the caretaker of a mischievous little black kitten named “Lady G”.

I’ve just retired from a 40 year career in the commercial art field and over the last 10 years I’ve been feeding my life long obsession with jewellery by handcrafting the “I wish I had” designs in my overly creative mind. My interest in crystals and stones, with their healing and metaphysical properties, naturally got involved in this obsession. The result is a line of jewellery that celebrates the depth of feminine beauty and our innate power to heal. It is a simple expression of emotion, playfulness, joy, strength and spirituality that comes straight from my heart. I am excited to share these pieces with you and hope that they bring you that same joy and peace.

I am a practicing Reiki Master and each piece I create is blessed and cleansed with the power of light, love, Reiki healing … and a little magic.