Aura Crystal Mala


Aura Crystal Mala


This shimmering Mala is created from 108 aura crystals in a combination of blue and clear. Instead of the traditional Guru Bead, it is finished with a beautiful Blue Agate slice intricately wrapped in silver plated wire. There are also 2 scentable lava rock beads that sit at the back of the neck. This Mala has an overall length of 44″.

Malas, or prayer beads, come as a string of 108 beads and are used in meditation for counting as you repeat your mantra. They can also be worn daily, not only for their beauty, but also for their powerful healing properties.

108 represents the ultimate reality of the universe as being simultaneously one, emptiness, and infinite.

Aura Crystal
Blue: Removes restlessness and discontentment, and encourages joy. It stimulates the Throat Chakra and removes the constraints of self-expression that may hold one back in life, relationships or the workplace.
Clear:  Possesses a very loving energy that promotes serenity and peace. It stimulates the spirit and elevates one’s mood. It aids loving communications in romantic pursuits and in all healing situations.

Blue Agate
Is a wonderful healing stone.  Its soft energy is cooling and calming, bringing peace of mind.  It is particularly effective for activating and healing the throat chakra allowing free expression of thoughts and feelings.

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