We Are … Healing Bracelet


We Are … Healing Bracelet


This very powerful healing bracelet presents in hues of pink and gold. It is specially designed to resonate with, and strengthen feelings of love, peace, hope and co-operation. It enhances your sense of connection with community and humanity and alleviates feelings of fear and abandonment. Together “We are” … simply magical.

If I had my way, every person on the planet would wear this bracelet

Pink Opal – clears and calms the heart to bring a sense of love, peace and hope.

Rhodonite – stone of purpose, cooperation and community. It is a talisman to further the “brother/sister-hood of humanity.”

Pink Zebra Jasper – nurturing and protective. It brings contentment & a sense of connection.

Druzy Agate – awakens positive self-love. It provides balance to avoid fear, sadness or feelings of abandonment.

Lava Rock – Add Scented Oil.

7 1/4” on elastic cord.